Seasonal houses of Aussenkehr, an attraction near Aussenkehr

Category: Scenery • Closest town: Aussenkehr • Taken on: 10 Jun 2019
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The photos were taken during a long drought in the region. As can be seen there is basically nothing growing on the mountains. In contrast with that there is lush green vineyards. The last photo shows the seasonal houses of Aussenkehr. Thousands of workers comes every year to harvest the grapes. There is more and more permanent workers as the operation is busy expanding.

The farm Aussenkehr has expanded a lot and can almost be seen as a town. They have a Spar and some other shops which is a real treat in this area. We were here in 2011, and the progress can be clearly seen.

Seasonal houses of Aussenkehr. Location of the photos on map:
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Latitude:   -28.3576220844 WGS-84 Lat:  S 28 21.457
Longitude: 17.4127817154 WGS-84 Lon: E 17 24.767
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