Mountain photos from the C27 road, an attraction near Sesriem

Category: Scenic Route • Closest town: Sesriem • Taken on: 06 Jun 2019
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We took some photos of the mountains next to the road. It is interesting to see all the different colours. There is lots of different colours, the sky, sand and rocks. This is on the C27 road south of Sossusvlei and Sesriem.

As far as I remember we did not see any animals for a very long distance around where this photos were taken, due to the long drought.

We recommend driving from North to South. That way the sun is mostly from your back and cooler. Also the views is much better, as you will see a lot of shades and less colours driving North. The sun will also be in your eyes more if you drive in northerly direction.

Mountain photos from the C27 road. Location of the photos on map:
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Latitude:   -24.9912873208 WGS-84 Lat:  S 24 59.477
Longitude: 16.0526657104 WGS-84 Lon: E 16 3.160
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