Photos near moon valley, an attraction near Swakopmund

Category: Scenery • Closest town: Swakopmund • Taken on: 01 Jun 2019
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This is some photos near moon valley. The farm on which the photos was taken have lots of underground water, from the dry Swakop river. They plant vegetables here which is very interesting to see, as they are very close to the moon valley where virtually nothing is growing.

The soil contains a lot of silica, and the water is not really fit for humans. This farm / plot was used as a police station long ago. It was sold to the family and is a piece of private land inside the Namib-Naukluft National Park.

We slept here for 2 days. The first photo is net to the road in. On the second photo you can see lava which pushed through the crack in the mountain. That one was taken across the dry river bed.

Photos near moon valley. Location of the photos on map:
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Latitude:   -22.7002596192 WGS-84 Lat:  S 22 42.016
Longitude: 14.9078291655 WGS-84 Lon: E 14 54.470
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