Natural fountain with lukewarm water, an attraction near Omuthiya

Category: Scenery • Closest town: Omuthiya • Taken on: 17 May 2008
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On our way out of Etosha we stopped at this natural fountain with lukewarm water. The water is brackish which can be seen from the salts accumulating on the soil around the water.

This water is trapped underground under pressure and is pushed out in a fountain. The fountain works non stop day and night, year in and out. No pump needed. We could take a nice lukewarm shower to get the dust of the day off.

On our way northwest we saw some more of these, though they had pipes connected to take the water away.

Natural fountain with lukewarm water. Location of the photos on map:
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Latitude:   -18.4240029392 WGS-84 Lat:  S 18 25.440
Longitude: 16.6540384293 WGS-84 Lon: E 16 39.242
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