Marienfluss valley, an attraction near Okongwati

Category: Scenic Route • Closest town: Okongwati • Taken on: 22 May 2008
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The Marienfluss valley is a sea of grass. The whole valley is full of sand blown in from the kalahari many centuries ago. The valley is surrounded by black rock cliffs, with a flat bed of red sand in the middle. The grass fills every part of the Marienfluss, except for the road and some fairy circles. Nobody knows why nothing grows in these fairy circles.

Be sure not to stop with a hot exhaust in some grass. On the way a wreck of a car is right next to the road. Probably someone that didn't know that doing this can cause a fire. The road was made like a highway, with two tracks. Keep on your left hand track to avoid oncoming traffic.

As we drove through the valley, I was wondering exactly how deep the sand is. When I looked at the steepness of the cliffs around the Marienfluss valley, it looks like there is a lot of sand that fills it up.

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Latitude:   -17.5476619265 WGS-84 Lat:  S 17 32.860
Longitude: 12.5459671021 WGS-84 Lon: E 12 32.758
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