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Orupembe Attraction, The red drumOrupembe Attraction, The red drumOrupembe Attraction, The red drum
The red drum

(Orupembe Attractions, Namibia, Kunene)

The red drum, also know as "Die rooi drom" is a land marker placed so that people know where they are. This was done way before the days of GPS. If you reach the red drum, you know at which split in the road you are. If you haven't yet been to The red drum, a Orupembe attraction, , you haven't been nowhere. The journey to the drum, is much better than the destination. Roads leading here are man made and driven out by 4x4. The Van Zyl's pass is also relatively nearby...The red drumX

Attractions also close to Orupembe

Okongwati Attraction, Marienfluss valley
Marienfluss valley

(Okongwati Attractions, Namibia, Kunene)

Closest town: Okongwati

The Marienfluss valley is a sea of grass. The whole valley is full of sand blown in from the kalahari many centuries ago. The valley is surrounded by black rock cliffs, with a flat bed of red sand in the middle. The grass fills every part of the Marienfluss, except for the road and some fairy circles. Nobody knows why nothing grows in these fairy circles. Be sure not to stop with a hot exhaust...Marienfluss valleyX

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