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Opuwo Attraction, Driving down pass at OtjioOpuwo Attraction, Driving down pass at Otjio
Driving down pass at Otjio

(Opuwo Attractions, Namibia, Kunene)

Driving down the pass we had to plan the route ahead as we had three 4x4's and two 2x4's. This road was rough with big boulders in, as any good 4x4 road should be. At one spot there was a deep hole in the road over which we had to drive. This could easily be used if we needed to work below one of the vehicles. This is the easier alternative to the Van Zyl's pass. It still has a lot of loose rocks. We were driving downhill from east to... More details of this Opuwo attraction here.Driving down pass at OtjioX

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