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Helmeringhausen Attraction, Sundown photos of the areaHelmeringhausen Attraction, Sundown photos of the areaHelmeringhausen Attraction, Sundown photos of the area
Sundown photos of the area

(Helmeringhausen Attractions, Namibia, Hardap)

We took some Sundown photos of the area, a Helmeringhausen attraction, and the mountains as the sun was starting to go down. The colours of the area is more pronounced and brighter while the sun goes down. We camped at Tolou's Lodge for the night and took these and many more photos. This was the first part on our trip from the north, for a few hundred kilometres where there were a bit more grass.Sundown photos of the areaX

Attractions also close to Helmeringhausen

Sesriem Attraction, C27 mountain photos
C27 mountain photos

(Sesriem Attractions, Namibia, Hardap)

Closest town: Sesriem

We took these photos of the mountains and sand from the C27 road. As always there is a wide variety of colours that can be seen in the photo. The lonely springbok was standing on the road and in no hurry to get anywhere. Probably to conserve energy and moisture. We started to begin seeing some more plant growth from here on south. It might not look like it to you, but check the photos to the...C27 mountain photosX

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